The self-entrapments  are manufactured in4 sizes:

    For weaned calves, from 2-6 months old
    For heifers, 6-12 months old
    For cows, 12-18 / 20 months old (insemination  period)
    For large cows

With this system the calves and heifers are adapted in the self-entrapmentsystem from an early age, even before they are fertilized. The system isconstructed in a way, that a small movement of a lever will trap the animals,while they bend their heads to the bunker in order to eat. The animals arereleased by the same movement one by one, or all together. This system helpsthe producer in his daily work, and in many ways for example in technicalinsemination, in blood sampling, examination by a veterinarian, the separationof the animals into groups etc.

This system combines all the advantages of free housing. It enables to controlthe quantity of food consumed by each cow. Calmness and order is obtained inthe feeding area while the animals eat and food wastefulness is reduced.

The products are manufactured in our company, which gives the opportunity ofthe equipment to be installed according to the needs of each unit.